Couldn't you just slap that face? Couldn't you? That look is so insulting. She's saying, "Be like me! Eat Life Cereal! I'm the new Mikey! Look, I'm eating a bite of Life Cereal! It's so good! Yum! Did I tell you I'm the new Mikey?" That half-sneering smile and those little razor-sharp teeth are truly frightening. And on the back of the box, they've got her jumping around and bragging about winning the Mikey contest. Big whoop. Your career will never have any integrity after this, little girl. Your snotty little face is being exploited for a product and you don't even know it.

Not to mention that the original 70's Mikey was a boy. What the hell's going on at Quaker?

This, my friends, is why I consider marketers to be some of the most insulting people on the planet. Get a load of that slogan. Go ahead, laugh your ass off! Is that the most outrageously idiotic thing you've ever seen? It cracks me up every time I see it. When I saw this in the store, I actually laughed out took me completely by surprise!

And check out the expression on that woman's face! If I could get that kind of inner peace from a breakfast cereal, things sure would be a lot easier. It's just too perfect...notice the crinkly "laugh lines" around her eyes, the way her eyes shine, her hands placed symmetrically on her face. Shame on you, marketing scum...your product ain't that special.

I DID buy it because of this ad on the back of the box, but NOT because it sounded so warm and fuzzy. I bought it because the ad struck me as being so hilarious, so mind-numbingly stupid that I just HAD to have it. And yet it's so simple...this cereal is supposed to actually warm my soul. Oh, that's rich!