Mocking the Mesa Sculptures

Around Christmas of '99, only a few days before I was to leave Mesa for the wilds of Seattle, Troy and I went on one of our traditional Waving-Mannequin-Heads-Out-The-Car-Window outings. Eventually we drove into downtown Mesa, which is usually a very drab and lifeless place. And as usual, it was pretty lifeless, but the Christmas lights really spruced it up. Anyway, we began to notice that there were people on the sidewalks, but they weren't was eerie. Troy figured out they were sculptures, and not just typical Mesa residents standing around with nothing to do. There were over a dozen of them, dotting the sidewalks on both sides of the street for several blocks! How weird... So we rushed back to my place, grabbed my camera and a few other things, and then zoomed back to the sculptures to seriously mock them!! The funny thing was that we weren't the only ones posing for pictures with these things--we saw another small group of people going from statue to statue, cameras flashing. Hmmm, could Mesa finally have something worthy of looking at? Imagine...

I found out later that these are a traveling sculpture exhibit, going town to town every few months. So they're not permanent residents of Mesa, but I kind of wish they were, because they're interesting and bizarre and sometimes outright dorky at the same time. So here are the pics we took that night!

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This is one of the ugliest women I have ever seen...even for a sculpture. And that baby munching on her hair--yikes!!



Troy just loves listening to the blue-hairs gab about how good life was 100 years ago...


A special moment of bonding between the girls!



The heads just had to get into the action!


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